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Software Engineers, Designers, Sales Agents, and Resellers are welcome to join our journey and become a Partner accreditation.

Join now and benefit from exclusive license models, collaboration offers, and tasks. beCoding is based on a solid financial foundation with healthy organic growth and more than 17 years of experience. We recruit software engineers, designers, data analysts, ... worldwide.

Joining our network requires good English skills to communicate with other team members.

For Software Engineers

Our tech-stack is mainly C#, C++, .NET, Angular7+, NodeJS, JavaScript, and other JavaScript related frameworks.

we are searching for a flexible, project-based, long-term relationship. After collecting many bad experiences we have set up a live-coding test to pass for any further negotiation and accreditation to become a partner. Tests must be passed by all developers working on our projects, including all team members. Exceptions are if developers qualify and assure to involve in the quality control to meet our standards. In this case, an underlying team has less relevance for us. We additionally have a quality check on our side, done by highly experienced engineers. If you feel able to deliver quality on time and take the challenge, we would be more than happy to try to collaborate.

Further, we serve customers worldwide and give tasks to external partners, which can't be done within our team mainly due to blocked resources. Our Partners, therefore, do not experience one-time "big" projects but more continuously incoming smaller tasks. We have very fruitful long-term relationships with developers throughout the world who benefit from the consistent base. To achieve a win-win situation for you and us, it is necessary to start with minor tasks to monitor the quality of the delivered code and develop a routine for communication.

If you feel well equipped for the challenge, we should negotiate an appointment for the test and interview with a developer who will work on our projects in the future.

Our tools used

  • Jira for Project management
  • Skype and Slack for communication
  • Swagger for API documentation
  • Jira for reporting
  • E-Mail for business-critical communication

Further, we work in different methodologies depending on the project:

  • Agile Kanban for mid- to large-scale projects,
  • Waterfall for minor projects
  • Single defined Tasks not following a methodology doable within a week

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.


To become a Partner, please write us an email to and give us an idea of your technology stack and experience. 


For Sales Agents and Resellers

We offer resellers exclusive licensing and long-term benefits. Contact us at to become a reseller.

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